Survey Form Feedback - Realtor Survey

Hello all, I’ve completed the survey form project. I’ve passed the tests but could use some styling feedback. For example my questions do not line up nicely on the left, and my responses do not line up nicely on the right to correspond to the questions. Any tips or additional feedback would be appreciated.

Your survey looks really nice, passes all the tests and appears to be functional as well. One suggestion I would add is that maybe you could make the comment box a little bigger at the bottom. users can feel restricted sometimes if the text box looks really small.

Looks so neat, retro and clean. I like the design(I like the plain design, even without any css)

Your page is responsive in heart, but that textarea my dude! that boi is a heart attack.
You set absolute width size for textarea, please don’t. just check how does it look when screen is small:

check that textarea boi how broke the layout, so bad.

Using placeholder, labels for inputs are great, very good.

The combobox comes without any default and disabled option (for example “select one”, or whatever), this may better be added.

One issue is about the element spacing. Please add some spacing between elements.

Same about padding/margin for main form, I think it’s too much for mobile. let it fit with screen in mobile to use maximum space for page content.

I believe these fix are very easy to apply indeed. you can do it.

Also suggest you, you may have a quick read on survey form challenge walkthrough that contains all of these notes I mentioned about issues there too with more explanation and sample codes.

Keep going on great work, happy programming.

Fantastic feedback! I will take some time to read through this and the survey form challenge walkthrough. Did not know about it. I will work some more on that first. Thank you!