FCC Technical Documentation page Feedback and help

Here’s my page:

FCC technical documentation project

I’ve taken the contents from other website (source in the footer) but the “design” is all mine (for better or worse).
I found some trouble with the organization of the small view. For some reason (which I think has to do with the fact that I had to use translate() to move the contents away from the fixed navbar) the contents of the main-doc ended out of the main-doc, and I couldn’t find a way to fix it without making the contents end up under the navbar or unfixing the navbar. So, in the end, I just made the html background also black so you don’t notice this… but it still happens.
Not sure if this is a valid thing to do.

So shoot me with your comments and if you can tell me how to make this the right way please do.

Hi there.
I like the design. Looks really cool.
I’d like to say some suggestions to you.

  1. You have horizontal and vertical scrollbars.
  2. When I click on the mobile menu trigger then click on the menu item and go to a section I would prefer to close the menu because I can’t read anything because of the menu. I have to click on the menu trigger again and do it every time.
  3. Adapt your code blocks

That’s it. Great work

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Thanks a lot for your suggestions.
I’ve fixed the menu thing (2).

On the horizontal and vertical scrollbars, I’m still fighting with it. As with the problem I mentioned when I posted this, I can’t seem to find a way that leaves everything in the place I want it to be. I’ve tried overflow-x: hidden, but then things slightly change their appearance in an awfull way. I can also hide the scrollbars, but then you can’t use the vertical scrollbar either… it seems it will take me some time to figure this out (any suggestions are welcome).

On the code blocks, you can scroll them on the x axis. I’ve seen this happen to me in like a thousand sites. The thing is, making it smaller will be impossible to read, and I’m not sure that breaking the lines won’t make the code more confusing. But I accept any suggestions on this too.