FCC Test script says timer never reaches 00:00, clearly does (ReactJS)

Hello, I have been working on my front end libraries certification for quite some time now and after a pretty long hiatus I’m getting back at it. I’m currently doing the 25 + 5 clock (Pomodoro clock) project and I have it mostly functional (barring audio). I’m passing 24/26 of the non-audio related test, and the 2 that are failing are in reality working just fine. Im unsure why this error is happening, as the error continues to say “failed to reach 00:00” despite the fact that it most certainly does reach 00:00 and I’ve confirmed it visually multiple times. Any help or advice is appreciated! (also if i am following bad coding practices unrelated to this, please let me know about that too.)

Codepen: https://codepen.io/AugustTGuenther/pen/qBZLVxr

hello, when the clock reached 00 00 the break didn’t start and also please check that there is no 1 sec delay in between

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I just ran the tests and then set both times to 1 and let it run. When the session time expired, the break did not immediately start and this is part of what the test is testing. The time did correctly display as “00:00.”

I believe the problem is in your countdown() method where this.startPause() is called. This appears to be stopping the countdown at the transition from session to break.

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:man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: I added in the pause to test something out 2 days ago haha, thank you so much! what a silly mistake :grin:

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