FCC test suite on Codesandbox

Is there a way to have the FCC test suite running on Codesandbox React app?

I have seen other people having issues with having the suite running on Codesandbox before.

I tried many different ways to have it running on Codesandbox without success.
I tried some existing NPM packages, tried inserting the script directly into header and body, I also tried loading the script after everything else is loaded using a React component and loading the script in the head with helmet.
Every time I get some error message or it does load the script but there’s nothing in the HTML element with ID fcc_test_suite_wrapper.

I would prefer to use Codesandbox instead of CodePen because the UI is better and it has much more features.

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Try StackBlitz using a Vite template. That should work.

I also tried it, it didn’t work on StackBlitz either.

It works for me. Make sure you add the script at the bottom of the HTML before the closing </body> tag.

You can fork this one as well

Ok, I got it to work there, but I needed to add crossorigin="" to the script tag!

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