FCC Tribute Page Project - Feedback Appreciated

Hello Campers,

I have completed my Tribute Page Project. This being my first project on FCC, I know there is a lot of scope for improvement. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Project Link: https://codepen.io/CPVC/pen/QaZWPb

@Vanic6 Really good work here! :star2: All of the fCC tests pass! I like how you’re styling different words to highlight their importance and I like your use of color. Here are some suggestions for improvement:

  • Color Contrast: You have some colors that don’t contrast enough with one another. This can make it difficult for some people to read the text or see the sections. For instance, the orange text on grey background has a 1.92:1 color contrast ratio. With that size text, the ratio should be at least 4.5:1. You can use the color contrast tool along with Color Safe to find color combinations that have enough contrast for most people.

  • HTML Validation: I see some HTML validation errors when I paste your text into the W3C HTML validator. You may want to copy/paste your HTML into that tool to see those errors and fix them.

  • CSS Validation: I see one validation error in your CSS using the W3C CSS Validation tool. This is the error:

    Line 37 h1 Value Error : font-family Missing a semicolon before the property name font-size

  • ID Selector in CSS: Some say that using IDs in CSS like this is not good practice, as I see with the #tribute-info selector. This is mentioned briefly in the ID Selector section of the fCC guide.

    ID should be avoided when styling if possible. As it has high specificity and it can be overriden only if you inline styles, or add styles into . The weight of ID override class selectors and type selectors.

Those are the major issues that I see in your code. Keep working hard on this! You’re doing great work so far. :sunny:

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@camper, thanks so much for your review and feedback! I like it that you are pointing to resources for all your suggestions to improve one’s code. I will be researching those and be implementing them soon. I have learned a lot by joining this cohort. Thank you so much for your time and effort!

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