Features of forum posts

Can you tell me the rules governing a post on the forum? For example, Things can/ can’t include in the post(can I ask for solution of challenges or post ones myself?) and stuff like that.

Well, you can start by reading the CoC.

Well, you shouldn’t ask for a solution to a challenge. What would be the point of that? The point should be to learn. More appropriate would be something like “This is what I’ve tried but it’s not working. Can someone point out where I’m going wrong or give me a hint?” Remember that this is primarily a teaching platform.

And we generally frown on posting working solutions to challenges, for similar reasons. There might be situations where people do it after a person has succeeded and they want to show a different way, but we usually ask for those to be wrapped in [spoiler][/spoiler] tags.

Does that make sense?

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Yes it does. I have a point to make if you let me: recently I wrote two posts on the same challenge and it seems to be closed with this comment from a leader:

Please do not create duplicate topics for the same challenge/project question(s). This duplicate topic has been unlisted.

Thank you.

I want to know other restrictions like this one( if there is any).
Thanks for your help

  1. Don’t worry too much. We know that people make mistakes and it’s not that big of a deal. Just avoid it. We don’t usually get angry unless it’s something cruel or if someone argues about it or continues. But, you’re not in trouble or “being watched” or anything. You just got corrected - everyone else has forgotten about it and moved on.
  2. Most of it is basic forum etiquette. Don’t spam. Don’t create multiple threads on the same subject. Be kind and helpful and constructive. Don’t be deceptive. Try to stay on topic and not hijack topics. Things may be a little stricter here than on a lot of the internet (where it is the wild west) because we’re trying to have a helpful educational environment here where everyone feels welcome and “bad behaviors” don’t get in the way.

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