Feedback and a suggestion, more than issue

Hi there,

I have used FCC now for around 6 months now, and have just recently been introduced to the new curriculum (which is great by the way).
My feedback is related to the amount of sections, sub-sections and challenges that are now visible on the curriculum page.
When working through challenges, leaving them and then coming back to try and pick up where you left off, can be a bit unnecessarily tedious. Unlike the individual challenges, a user cannot see when a sub-section (or even section) is fully complete.
I suggest that, like the challenges, there is a circle next to the sub-sections and main sections which can be marked as completed or not to remind the user if completed or not.

It is a minor change which I think would help the user experience and increase productivity.

p.s hope this is the correct place for the post :slight_smile:

Enhancement requests should be made in the form of GitHub Issues. Given how many complaints I’ve seen about this on the forum, I’m very confident that there is at least one similar issue already opened. You can use the search feature in GitHub to find it, add your own comments, and/or follow it.

If you are always using the same computer to work on FCC, you can jump to your last challenge from the welcome page that appears when your go to while you are signed in. The “Go to curriculum” button will take you to your last challenge. If that isn’t working then either you have cleared your browser cache or something is interfering with your FCC writing to your browser cache.