Feedback for Assignments 1 through 5

I finally completed my projects. Can someone give me feedback before I submit?

Edit : Fixed Ideas and alter image size.
Tribute Page

Edit: Added for label.
Form Page

Product Page

Edit: Fixed Layout

Edit: Fixed typo and updated image thumbnails.
Portfolio one

Ok. 1st glance on Waffle project:

  • you are using the wrong way the id="img-div" all over. the ids are supposed to be unique. just make it as a class and change it accordingly in both html and css.
  • if its possible try to make all images in “type of waffles” section same width and height.

As for #2 Survey form just add the for attribute to all labels to link the label to the related input field.

Thank you for your help. I will fix the ids and image sizes.

Great tribute page! I liked the “Cardboard Eggo Waffles” title! :laughing:

  • I think whitespace could be cleaned up so that CSS indentation is consistent. E.g. CSS Line 21 has greater indentation than the rule on the next line.
  • Is display: block required for #tribute-info? I think divs are block by default.
  • Multiple elements have an id of tribute-link for the site links at the end of HTML, but ids should be unique for the whole document according to the docs

Happy coding!

Thank you for your help. I will fix it right away.