Feedback for my Tribute Page, how to make it responsive?

Hi Guys,

I just finished my Tribute Page, but seems like I didn’t do it with html only, was I suppose to do it that way or is this ok? Also, do you know how I can make it responsive?



Here’s the link:

Hi !

Good job on finishing the Tribute Page !

The way you did it is fine, the example of the project uses Bootstrap to make the site responsive.So there is CSS but it is taken mostly from Bootstrap, you can see it from the classes in the different HTML elements.

In order to make your site responsive you can either use a framework like Bootstrap or try doing it with just pure/vanilla CSS.

A few things about your code:

  • There is a string rrr at the begining of your html code
  • Keep the indentation clear, as much for you as for anyone who is going to look at your code in the future.
  • In CSS, sometimes you can use less characters: for hexa color you can use only one character for each color if they are the same for (#FFFFFF === #FFF, #333333 === #333), for border/padding/margin/… you can have either (top|right|bottom|left) value or (vertical|horizontal) so for example padding: 0 4px 0px 4px; is equivalent to padding: 0 4px;

Hi @X140hu4

Thanks so much for taking the time to review my code and give feedback.

I am not sure what you mean by using bootstrap or vanilla CSS, (have no idea what it is)?

I will indent, thanks so much!


For bootstrap have a look here:

For the term Vanilla, you will hear it often to talk about the usage of a language in its original form. Vanilla CSS is a fancy way to say “just CSS”. Try googling vanilla css, css grid and css flexbox :slight_smile: