Feedback for on my Weather App!

Was wondering if I could get some feedback for my Weather App.
I used the DarkSky API for my weather data.

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worked great for me :slight_smile:

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The one thing that I find distracting is the way the container bottom moves up and down when the page first loads while waiting for the weather data to populate. The same thing happens when the temperature is clicked to change the units.

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It works fine for me. good job :slight_smile:

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For retrieving the address I’ve used location.results[2].formatted_address but its a little tricky because google api formats the json response differently for each country. I found that solution as a middle acceptable one.

I would also add short day name ( 3 chars) for the forecasted part.

Good job. Happy coding

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Thank you for the input.

Awesome thank you for the feedback.

Yea I saw that to I’ll see what I can do to fix it.

Awesome thank you guys the feedback!