Weather App feedback, please!

Hi all! Finished my Weather App project. I learned a hell of a lot on this one. Any suggestions for cleaning things up or improving my JS code, please let me know!

The CSS is a bit of a mess, I’m probably going to come back at some point and rebuild the style for the page. I realize that on mid-sized screens it’s a bit weird looking.

Anyway, let me know!!

Nice work!
A few suggestions:

  1. Its a bit odd seeing the time zone at the top. If you’re looking for a location since darksky doesnt return a location string, you might try using a reverse geocode on the google maps api. You dont need an API key for up to 2500 requests / day.
  1. I’m not sure you need the CORS proxy for your request… Even though darksky doesnt seem to implement CORS, the jsonp format you chose should alleviate cross origin problems.

Overall, impressive! Keep up the good work!

Super overdue, but thanks for the feedback! Sorry, got distracted with other projects and forgot about freecodecamp for a month or two.