Feedback is appreciated

Hi guys, I would appreciate if you could give me feedback on my projects.
Both positive and negative are most welcome. I am learning on the go and these are the very first pages that I made. I used existing solutions but I tried to give them my personal touch. Thanks in advance!

Tribute Page
Survey Form

Tribute page is nice, good design, and the survey form is decent, but the zooming title feels off.

Considering the title, while learning CSS, I was impressed with what you can do with just plain CSS without including JavaScript. It was just an attempt to make the page less static. Thanks for your feedback!

:slight_smile: ~thanks for reply!~

Wow! your tribute page is amazing! So amazing, I wont ask you to add or remove anything.

Your survey form’s submit button looks like it is disabled.
Please show that it is not.
Your <select> tags should not resize the text when hovered over.
At all else, amazing job.

Conner, that’s style and innovation!, but I think it should be a smooth animation to maybe double or triple size like an icon on a Mac OS Launchbar.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Did you notice he also did that on the Tribute’s timeline? I think it should get slightly larger there with a smooth animation. It’s a nice easter egg for people who read with their mouse cursor.

You got the point! I had in mind pages with a small font that you need to zoom in to be able to read properly, so, like this, instead of zooming the whole page, one can zoom only the part of his/her interest. People with damaged or weaker sight can benefit from that as well. I agree with you that animation should be smoother, I will see what I can do about that. Thanks for your reply!

Don’t know what happened. The button should work fine. Thanks for your kind words. :wink:

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You’re welcome!
The button works fine. It just looks disabled.