Feedback, please - Tribute Page

Hi everyone,
I’ve finished the tribute page assignment, and I would really appreciate some feedback on it :slight_smile:

Tribute Page - Irena Sendler


Well done, I like this a lot!

I would change mouse cursor on entire button hovers instead of only the texts inside the buttons.

Glad you like page :slight_smile:
You’re right, thanks for pointing that out! I fixed it.

Woww what a work, you’re page is very good!!!
How do you play with the text in that way? Some words are to big and the next ones are little ones!
I want to know how to make that effect.

so good work. congrats. i think you really admire her :wink:

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Thanks a lot for your feedback!
I used CSS grid to position the text and added some margin where needed.

Thanks a lot for the feedback :smiley:
Yes, she is very inspirational!