Feedback on my first- tribute page

hello can you please give feed back on my tribute page. i am new at coding

The image doesn’t appear when I view your tribute page, only the alt text appears. As far as I can tell, the link goes to the Guardian newspaper, but not to a single image file.

Hi @fanie,
Looks good for a first try. I too, don’t see the image.

To start, take a look at your fonts. It looks like you have 12 different font families you are trying to use, and are only importing 1 font-family and I don’t think any of them are working. In codepen I usually put my font links in the settings/html(stuff for head or in the settings/CSS/cdn link area.

Just a suggestion, H1, H2 etc. have a default size and it would be much simpler to work with the default size in these early learning stages. This link will help you to see the …
Default h1 h2 etc sizes

Also you have 3 @media (max-width: 460px) media queries in your CSS and should only have 1. You’ll then want to check for duplicates.
There is a closing html tag and no opening tag ( you don’t need either when using codepen)

The CSS window has a little arrow on the right hand side, click it and run “analyze css” and it shows some of the mistakes in the code, same for html window.

sorry good people the link was the wrong one here is the right one.

Hi I’m sorry the link was a wrong one. Please check this

Hi I am sorry the link was a wrong one. Please check this

Hey Fanie,

It looks good now. :slightly_smiling_face:

One little thing, when I look at the photo on mobile, the image isn’t fully centered within its container. Its looks slightly right of center to me.