Feedback on my Node.js website

It has been almost a year since I started learning web development on FCC. This is how I got more interested on Node.js. Last October I started creating a Node.js web application on my free time. Any feedbacks/comments is highly appreciated.

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Seems like a great effort!

Overall, I like the minimal design, it does not bloat your screen and enables you to see clearly the goal of each page.The only minor thing I have to point out at first glance, is that when you hover over ‘Create’ the cursor does not become a pointer. (Probably on purpose as the user is not redirected somewhere else?)

Keep going!

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Hi @chrwcd7. Thank you so much for your suggestions. The cursor-pointer was not on purpose. I didn’t realize that before. Thank you go much for pointing that out. I will change that soon.

Congratulation sir :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

Everything looks really good. One tiny thing I say is when I go to submit a quiz it says, “you are not looged in”. It’s simple spelling error I think you meant ‘logged’.