Feedback: My finished responsive web

Hey all I finished the responsive web about a month ago and have been working on my project pages to add, touch up and make them me. I wanted to make sure that I understood all the topics on a practical application level. (I struggled with containers for the longest time, but came up with a great solution for me.)

I know these probably don’t pass the tests anymore, but I feel they have the intent. I also moved it over to github for better version control.

I would love some input on things I could adjust or change. Or any general comments would help me with the future endeavors.

Thanks in advance!!!
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@squarednode, would be nice to see the projects that you submitted so we can see the changes/improvements that you made. Let us see the versions that pass all the user stories and then the ones that you made your own.

  • Looking at the current pages they all look the same. No variation in font families, color…
  • It’s a bad UX for any user that relies on navigating using the keyboard. They cannot.
    • The tribute page relies on the user having a mouse to hover. What about smaller devices?
  • Run your HTML code (all projects) through the W3C validator.
    • There are HTML syntax/coding errors you should be aware of and address.
    • I didn’t check CSS but there is a validator for that also.
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Wich is the CSS validator? pls

There’s a link to the CSS validator on the W3C validator page. Thought you would’ve seen it.
No worries, I provided it.

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Thanks for the input I really appreciate it!!!

I will defiantly run them through the code validator. I look forward to learning some items that are not in the classes but general good coding principles.

Here are the original Code Pens:

They really are night and day as I didn’t spend a lot of time styling the pages when doing the test:

I think during the tests I didn’t have a vision and I was lacking in understanding of some key principles that I learned but didn’t understand fully. One of these was really container usage and positioning. I spent the last few weeks really trying different topics on position, display, and alignment to understand how they fit together when using multiple containers for something that is not just linear or horizontal.

Tribute –
Survey –
products –
technical –
portfolio –

Blockquote * The tribute page relies on the user having a mouse to hover. What about smaller devices?

I actually did address the hover item with using active for mobile. I thought it was cleaver and it works on my I-phone.

The keyboard only is something I have not addressed and it is a great point. I will take a look into ways making that more accessible as well.

@squarednode, as you say there was minimal effort put into those pages so there isn’t really much to comment on.

I will say;

  1. The tech doc page only passes 15/16 user stories. If you were/are trying to achieve the RWD certification you should correct this. All user stories for all project must be met.
  2. At a minimum, use the validators to correct the syntax/coding errors.

Hmm strange I get 16/16 when I run it. I did receive my RWD certificate a little while ago so not sure what the difference is.

I see 16/16 now too so…dunno

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