Feedback on my personal website/portfolio

Hello everyone!

I just finished a version of my personal website that includes my portfolio as well.
I will really value a feedback from anyone, both about the frontend and the backend. It’s done on NodeJS
…also on the portable version :slight_smile:


Github repo:

It runs on Heroku on the free dyno so sometimes it’ll take a little time on the initial load.

Thanks a lot!


I don’t know anything about the back end, but maybe I can comment about UI. I like the entrance. It is nice and simple. Dev Life and Portfolio sections look nice too. I can say that you can make changes for the Dev Blog section. Useful git commands article can be more centred. You may want to align that. Login and sign up buttons in the navigation, also. You can align them. I guess they will look better.

Otherwise, it’s a good web page. Nice work! :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much!
The blog section is actually a grid, so waiting for more posts to be in columns. The card however became too big so I’ll have to fix that :slight_smile:
About the login/signup, you mean align them to where exactly? More to the center or the right, or up/down?

I mean aligning text to the center of the button. Like equal using equal paddings. Actually it is not a problem at all. I just thought it would seem nicer.

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An exponential WOW! It’s intimidatingly well done. I am new to FCC and hardly know my ABC’s, so I cannot possibly say anything helpful other than I don’t see anything ahead for you except success.

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