Personal Portfolio Page - Feedback welcome

Hi All,
I have completed my personal portfolio page.
Let me know what you think.


Not sure if you know this, but not a single one of your project links work. You should be using the full page version instead of the debug mode version. Also, the last project gets a 404 error message when trying to connect.

Thanks, for bringing this to my attention didn’t know. Would fix the links.

Looks really nice, but this is messy:

The arrow is pretty unnecessary and the social stuff needs to be moved so it’s not on top of your button.

Overall though it’s awesome. Great job :pineapple:

Also, when I click on each nav link, it does not quite take me to the correct location. The top of each section title is slightly cut off.

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Makes sense, thanks! May ask what device you used to view the page?

I’m on a laptop, viewing in Chrome. The screen capture was viewing the full page.

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Ok, thanks for bring that up! Would adjust accordingly.

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