Feedback on my portfolio so far

Hello! Was hoping to get some portfolio feedback. I have a portfolio website at Any criticism or thoughts would be greatly appreciated! I feel like not knowing much about design is holding me back. Any review of my code at all would be greatly appreciated too. Thank you all so much!

Did you want this post in the career section instead since it looks like a portfolio for jobs?

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Yes, please! That might be better?

I just moved it over to the #career section. :grinning:

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Most developers aren’t designers. (including myself)

You can use a CSS library or framework.
I like to use Tailwind CSS because it is easy to setup and there are tons of free design ideas to choose from by the community.

For me personally, I kind of like the grid format for projects better where we can see them all at once instead of the slider.

Also I don’t think you need the coming soon entry.

Hope that helps!

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Thank you so much! I think you’re right about the slider versus grid. And I’ll look into Tailwind, thank you!

Thank you for the feedback! I really appreciate it!

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You can change the color of scroll button in the Dark Mode to make it more accessible.

Furthermore, I think circle shape profile picture will look better than an oval.:thinking:

Hi, it looks like, at least for me, the security app screenshot overflow to the right, so I get to have an horizontal scroll bar.

Thank you for the feedback!

Thanks for letting me know! I’ll add that to my list of fixes.

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