Feedback on my side project (javascript)

Sorry if it’s not related to freecodecamp, but I was in need of starting to build my own projects :slight_smile:
Been working on it for a while. The main purpose was to practice JS and finally see it in action:

It’s a kind of a game where you can play around with the prices of the products and have a receipt printed at the end. With this project, I could practice a lot and understand JS DOM. It took me more time to fix styling issues than to write the JS code itself… of course, I had to rewrite some code, but it was fun! I can’t find any other errors, so if somebody eventually finds them, please tell me.

Pretty cool!

I assume this is mobile first? Because it looks very good on small devices, but has few issues on desktop screen.

Also, there is a problem with counting in the “Set same value to all selected” input. If you use the default “arrows” to change the value and then use your buttons, the value will count from the point before using the default arrows. Other inputs work correctly.

You can also remove the default arrows and add the functionality to your own buttons for increasing/decreasing the value as long as it’s clicked :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry for the late reply, and thanks! I’ll be looking into it :grinning: