Feedback on Portfolio Please

Would love to hear feedback on my portfolio. Getting it just right is driving me crazy.

link is dead for me…

I have just fixed the link try it now.

Pretty cool website, looks like you are building yourself a good skillset. I am curious, why did you call working with databases “Redundancy”? I would think of setting up multiple docker containers of the same webserver or database backups redundancy but not writing to the databases or doing queries themselves.

I would maybe just call this skills section “Databases” instead, unless you are trying to convey something else.

It is good you have exposure to SQL databases as well as document databases like MongoDB.

Also, it looks you have a typo in this sentence:

The struggle to make since of all the principles that recursively compound on one another can be daunting, but we are in it for the long haul.

That should likely be “make sense” of all principles.

You are technically correct about that also thanks for the typo correction. I think I’m communicating my message wrong if you received it like that. I put it that way because the Database is where our data get’s stored, and anything dealing with any handling of it ultimately is for persistence. Whether it’s cleaning it before it goes in. Making clusters, backups , its all for persistence.

Thank You again,
I Really Appreciate it

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Made corrections running npm deploy right now.