I wrote an article for beginners about NoSQL

Hello FCC community!

I wrote an article for beginners about NoSQL, it took me a lot of investigation but I feel pleased with the result. Please check it! I would love some feedback also!

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Thank you people!

Very nice article, extremely comprehensive and well-researched. However, I don’t agree with your table of " NoSQL and Relational Databases Comparison". It’s simply not true that all NoSQLs have “poor” consistency (Eventual Consistency can be very consistent if you require a quorum), and not so that all RDBMS’s have poor performance (many will outpace popular NoSQLs, though they don’t scale well horizontally)

What you’re really looking for is which part of CAP they trade off, since you can’t really have all three. Let’s take A single-node RDBMS for example. It’s always Consistent, but cannot remain Available in the case of network failure. If a node in multi-master RDBMS goes down, the cluster can refuse to operate (i.e. it drops Availability) or if it’s a network split, it can operate in “split-brain” mode (dropping Consistency). Almost every NoSQL drops Consistency as a hard requirement, though as I mentioned above, it can arrive at “good enough” via eventual consistency.

Virtually every single database takes Partition Tolerance as a given, so it’s a matter of whether they trade Availability or Consistency to gain it.

The paper is really good otherwise, but I’d urge you to rethink that particular section.

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I really appreciate your comment, very constructive. I thought I wrote that it depended on the Management System you are using the comparison would be true or not, but I’ll double check so there is no confusion there. Thank you very much for reading!