Feedback on Simon Game Project

Hi there,

Project link ─ FreeCodeCamp : Simon® Game

I’ve already gotten my Front-end Certificate with this final project. There is still a little bit (I’m being optimistic) more ahead to get the Full-Stack Development Certification.

I put a lot of effort to keep the code clean. I learnt Jade and the HTML coding mess disappeared.

Said that, I’m aware that the game doesn’t work as expected on Mobile, at least on Android which doesn’t handle good the audio tags. I tested it on Google Chrome/Chromium, and Safari. I would like to know how it performs on Firefox. Firefox on Android won’t play any sound, so I’m worried about how it performs on its desktop version. Feedback would be nice.

About bugs, I played a few hundred times to ensure that the game performs as expected but, you know, you cannot simply avoid sometimes for some ‘hidden’ bugs to appear. Your feedback would be really appreciated.


It looks good to me. My only critique is that it feels a little sluggish. That is just a personal preference though, and it seems to work well! :slight_smile:

I tested it on Chrome and Safari for Mobile and It works just fine, but sluggish as you said. It is like the audio doesn’t get buffered. I don’t know. I can make it work faster, it’s simply changing a few parameters.

Glad you like it.