Feedback on the Responsive Web Design Projects

I’m new to freeCodeCamp and have taken the courses from the HTML beginning down to Introduction to the Responsive Web Design Projects.

My question is about when I paste a URL from the CodePen site from where I have created a website based on the User Stories from the freeCodeCamp - Responsive Web Design Project I get a “Completed” right away even thou I’m pretty sure I have made some mistakes.

Will my URL be looked at a later point my real people or is the Responsive Web Design Projects a course I have to check myself?

  • Martin

If you are using the test CDN link and it passes all of the tests, then you can paste the project url without worry.

We operate on the honor system here. It is assumed once you submit the project, that it has passed all the project tests. If someone who comes across a project you submitted for a certification and it does not pass the tests or you have plagiarized the content or used someone’s code, then you could be reported to Free Code Camp and possibly lose the certification.

Thank you for your quick reply.

I’m only interested in doing the right thing, but I dont fully understand how to submit a URL the correct way under Solution. Any URL I paste into the textfield will give me a green complete message (if I understand the things correctly).

How do I use the CDN link to run the test? When I copy/paste it to a browser it only shows me alot of code.

What to do?