Feedback On Weather App

I would appreciate if anyone could check it out and provide feedback.
Thanks :slight_smile:
Weather Predictor

Pretty good start. Are u planning on adding more features?

Stylish! I like incorporating the feature to look up a location other than the user’s current location.

For me, that lookup works as expected, but the “current location” throws an error. I imagine this is because, like me, you’re using navigator.geolocation, which requires an https:// page. I can always just share the https URL, but I added a notice about it in my error alert: But openweathermap can’t work with https (I’m using Forecast), so manually changing your URL to https makes both buttons non-functional. I’m not sure how to solve it! (aside from switching either the weather or the location API).

Also, one small detail: the button text “Weather for Current Location” truncates at smaller screen sizes. Afraid I don’t know a fix, though, at least for Bootstrap. (One of the reasons I’m loving Materialize!)

Thanks @spyker237 Could you suggest any feature that i could add? I would love to do it!:slight_smile:

@AbdiViklas Thank you for your feedback. Yes, i know the Button text issue, but i am unaware how to make it responsive. :frowning:
Regarding the current location throwing an error, i am not sure if i follow. It seems to be working fine for me. Yes i am using navigator.geolocation but it seems to give me the coordinates properly.

Ah, I should say doesn’t work in Chrome. It does seem to work in Microsoft Edge, and perhaps in other browsers.

yes, it doesn’t seem to work in chrome. Is there any way in which i can still use openweathermap and solve this issue?

As far as I know, only to switch the method of finding location, probably to one that uses IP (see Personally, I chose to switch the weather API because location via IP is less accurate, but of course that would take more changes to the code! And IP location will get the job done.

Some hourly updates
images of weather
look at default weather apps on smartphones for examples

Thank you, location via IP solved the problem

Thanks, will definitely look into it :slight_smile: