My Weather App: feedback needed!

Hi Everyone!
I’ve just finished my Weather App and I would love to know what you think about it. Let me know what could I possibly change to make it work and look better. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Weather App

For me its not showing any weather data. Not sure why though. It only has the title and button available. Anyone having that issue?

@Wooda001 I know what you mean because it happened to my as well. Everything worked properly untill I opened the page by the hyperlink. I checked the console and had a warning about the security so I changed the “http” to “https” in the hyperlink url address and now it works fine at least here in my browser. It takes a few seconds to load and then it works properly. I don’t know why it doesn’t work for you :confused:

Hey! This is me again. hah :slight_smile:
Well done! I like the style. I like the background! looks tasty!

  1. My pair words about functionality.
    Be careful by using navigator.geolocation. You know your app may not work if it off in settings of your browser. For example it doesn’t work in my browser because geolocation is off.
    But I want to tell you about using the API. I think it is more safe.
  2. About design
    1. White paddings around the pages. It will look better if you remove the white space.
    2. Scrolling is not good in the case. Try to replace any elements such user can see all info without scrolling.
      I hope it will help you. :wink: