Feedback please on my practicing project

hi campers,

done retouched up the technical docs.

#4 technical docs:

#3 landing page:

#2 survey project:

portofolio project #5

side note:
the stuff for head it not necessary, but it just easier for me to copy paste it to w3c validator, try to find errors.


I see the title bar on the left scrolls with the page view, which is a novel idea and very creative!
Did you intend for it to line up with the page position, though? Because it reaches the bottom of the nav menu much faster than I reach the bottom of the page.

hi @nhcarrigan

well that something new, i dont see it in my screen, i have to take alook whats causing it. much appreciated.


It’s your position: sticky that seems to cause it, which is also the same code that is allowing your section titles to scroll down to the bottom of the section

that strange, i cant find the odd in my codepen. the nav header should be sticky on top as set to top: 0; as the other headers.
im not abble to recreate like you mentioned.

Actually, it looks like that top: 0; line is the cause of the scrolling. I’d remove that line and things will stop moving around :smiley:

yes it does but then the main-doc header stop. i want it sticky :sweat_smile:

just made changes the code from global header class top:0; to main-doc header

currently working fine in my codepen at chrome and firefox

Changes look good to me! Nice work!

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I Think You Should Use Some Good Font and Colors. You can also implement a scroll smooth css property by writing

  scroll-behavior: smooth;

Otherwise It Is Awesome!

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im not playing with font much on my projects certification, but its good suggestion for maybe my real projects.

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hi Campers,

im sorry if this is not the proper way to ask your feedback on my practicing project.

edit: turn out, it was inappropriate post. sorry it was my mistake.

@sobadrdb, some things to revisit;

tech doc

  • The test script should be included, with all tests passing, when you submit your projects.
    • Your page passes 12/16 user stories. Click the red button to see which test(s) are failing and text to help you correct the issue.
  • Are you still working on this? All your CSS is commented out

Looks like all the links you’ve provided are still a work in progress. I’ll refrain from giving any further feedback

hi @Roma,

thanks for your in-depth feedback regarding the css,
acctualy they were completed projects and pass all the test script and been submitted to claim my rwd certification.

about the css that commented out at all those projects, it’s not due to works in progress. i just intended to. (as this post created, i just deleted all the comments out css)

and for the technical docs, im still figuring out how to pass the w3c validator on the best practices to use details element on header.
as per se, after i added those details elements on each header, the fcc test would failed because header is not the first child of the main-section . but if i move details element inside header element, it giving me different result on the way i want it to be shows right now.

forgive me if i was wasting your time with the fcc rwd projects.
i was to asking feedback on my personal practicing projects that have github link.
how is the best practices to create multipages with single css file.



loved your projects.
it’s weird your works different from the preview box, only my thought.

hi @donaemon,

thanks, it’s because of the preview images taken from freemium codepen account, so it showed the first generated screenshot. unless i upgraded to pro, i can have updated screenshot.