Feedback Please - Technical Documentation Page

Hi Everyone! :grin:
This is my Technical Documentation Page Project

Please, can you review the design and css code?
I appreciate your comments

I’m still working on my Product Landing Page, I’m stuck, ideas don’t flow.


Looks great. Nice and clean.

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I am going to give you my feedback on the design.

Well, what can I say? Your style is crisp and what I call it, Swiss-Clean (if you look at Swiss graphic design, you will get the idea :wink: ). Everything is just perfect. Font choice = perfect. Colour scheme = perfect.

I do have a suggestion, though, which is based on UX design. When I decreased the browser size to see in mobile design, I would have centered:

  • The logo
  • The main heading
  • The navigation menu

This is because users naturally tend to see elements in the central of the portrait screen, especially if there is no other element by its side. That doesn’t mean what you have done is wrong or bad. It is merely an opinion.

Otherwise, once again you have created a beautiful design that I am envying right now :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: If you are stuck for ideas for your landing page, take a break. This is so your brain can rest from thinking, but normally you can get those “A-ha I have got an idea!” moment. It happens to me so many times :slightly_smiling_face:

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As mentioned previously, the simple white/gray and yellow and black colours (with the addition of the JavaScript logo) really complements the page! :grin:

The only suggestion I really have is when collapsing the page, instead having the navigation menu at the top only, I would have created a hamburger menu. Additionally, as the user scrolls down the menu sticks to the top of the screen, allowing them to jump to specific sections at the click of a button.

Fantastic Job! (I am jealous) :sweat_smile: :wink:

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Thank you guys for you time to review my page!
I am happy that you liked the design. :grin:

I have made some changes… All the nav elements are centered now. The Logo, Main Heading and the nav items. Thanks for the suggestion :wink:

I thought about doing it, but I did not want to introduce elements that I have not learned like JS. I have no idea if that can be done only with css and html. :persevere:

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It is looking much better (in my opinion of course), now everything looks perfect :blush

Great job and keep it up! :+1:

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Me parece muy logrado tu proyecto @ricardoantonio , tanto en código como en diseño :ok_hand:. Tanto los colores, la fuente y el layout hacen muy amena la lectura, lo cual es muy importante para este tipo de páginas. Felicitaciones!

Hay un pequeñísimo detalle en el código CSS, te lo muestro en la captura de pantalla a continuación:

Por si no lo sabías, te dejo ahí también indicado cómo acceder a la opción de analizar el código CSS en, ayuda a detectar errores como ese :wink:

Felicitaciones de nuevo, y vamos por los siguientes retos!!:keyboard::muscle:

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Muchas gracias @MartaFagundez!! Tus palabras me alientan, aunque sigo con mi bloqueo creativo jaja. De hecho hoy no he tocado la computadora para nada.
Ah y gracias por el consejo, revisaré mi código con frecuencia. Será una herramienta útil. :hugs:

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Great job dude! Keep up the good work. Like mentioned in the comment above -nice and clean.
I’m just about to start my tehnical doc page. Just finished my product landing page. I could use some feedback on my product landing page if you have few minutes to share. You might see something I do not. In case you are interested here’s the link to my codepen –

Keep up the good work. Cheers

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Thank you @DinoM! Of course I will see your project!