Feedback pls on my random quote project

Can I get some feedback please.
First pass at the random quote machine, noting fancy but I added a filter to regenerate random if the next one was the same as the last one to stop duplicate quotes back to back.
I used ajax to load from an online json file and started with my own quote to begin.
Seems to take a few seconds to load the json data so I added waiting text, couldnt get the awesome fonts grinding anim working, not sure why they wont load.

Nice, you could set the background to fill all the page. A nice thing to do to is to put the “Full Page” Link here instead “editor view”, you can take this link on “change view”.

Also, nice that you put something giving a feedback of something working back-end.

There is one problem very common on this kind of code, if you click on the button several times its gonna show this several times. Try to do it, click x times and you will see.

Keep Coding :slight_smile:

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