Feedback - Random Quote Machine with API

Hey, If you like quote machines, please take a look at my random quote generator Here is the link!
Also if you like feedbacks, give me feedbacks and suggestion I like them too. :slight_smile:

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Looks awesome, good job.

I like the gradient, not too clashy. :+1:

Agreed that the gradient is very nice. Usually, I avoid them, but you actually make it look good. Overall very professional appearance.

One thing I happened to notice is that this chunk of code is not working as intended:

if (data.quoteAuthor === "") {
	data.quoteAuthor === "Unknown";

You want it to be: data.quoteAuthor = “Unknown”; (one equals sign).

I also thought it might be nice if you made a separate :hover css for the twitter icon so that it could fade to blue. That’d be more in step with the Twitter marketing and the blue would contrast nicely with your orange. (or it might look awful, idk).

Keep up the good work!

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Hey thanks for feedback.

I didn’t notice this, but now I fixed it up.
I also made twitter hover light blue, I think it’s slightly better now. check it out now and let me know your thoughts. Here is the link!

WOW! the look is very pleasant. Its just creative, using gradient like that.
Only, the site seems to be not-mobile responsive, may be you didn’t want it to be. When I tried to resizing the window of my browser, the look was not responsive enough.
Apart from that, nice work. Keep it up.
Also please take some time to provide feedback for my Random Quote Machine too. -

Thanks mate.

I checked out yours so here are few things:

First of all that loading… that comes before loading the page is really subtle and nice, I haven’t thought of that before actually.

Second, the function that you used for random color was so sick, I 've seen others making page with random colors, but always they give it an array of colors but this is just impressive I would say

/* This thing is cool */    
return ["hsl("+h+","+s+"%,"+l+"%)","hsl("+h+",100%,30%)","hsl("+(h+30)%360+",100%,30%)","hsl("+(h+90)%360+",100%,30%)"];

I suggest using twitter’s own Icon for the tweet. that symbol that you are currently using means reply I think.

Moreover, your footer link vanishes on colors like purple or pink, You could make a line around it or something to make it stand out in any color.

Overall, great work.

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