Feedback regarding saving of curriculum projects in the code editor


I am currently doing the Responsive Web Design curriculums first certification project called “Survey Form”.

I have encountered a slightly annoying problem with the layout design of the code editor workspace. I have already forgotten to save my progress multiple times after a session because the save button in the code editor is located in the bottom of the “Instructions” section. I’ve had to rewrite probably multiple hours of work because of the save button.

I think better solution would be to place the save button somewhere upper in the file bar (bar with all the available files in the project e.g. Instructions, index.html, styles.css etc.)

Maybe an autosave feature would be nice as well to prevent the problem :wink:

  • Joona Virmajoki

Feel free to add a comment to this GitHub issue that was created to discuss this recommendation but was closed. I added my two cents worth as a comment and suggestion.

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