Feedback Request- Responsive web design projects

Good day All!!

Please could I get feedback on my 1st 4 projects.

I would really appreciate your feedback and honesty.

I see you did a good job here, Congratulation!

Here are the things need to improve.

  1. Tribute page: When you need to divide paragraph don’t use br tag, put each paragraph in different p element.
  2. Form page: The textarea can be resized beyond the size the form, that needs to be fixed, use resize:vertical so it can only be resized vertically.
  3. Landing page: The header is not responsive is get awkward when resized and there is a little gap on the left side, also the width of the video should not be 100%, it makes it look weird.
  4. Documentation page: The “if ever magic” line is unreadable and the content of the main-doc goes under the navbar, that needs to be fixed.

Overall I think you should watch some tutorials on how to make these project on youtube that will help you much.

Happy coding!

Thank you very much for your feedback @siddharthroy36912. I will get to it right away.

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One more thing I also just completed my 4th project of responsive web design today If you want to look, here is the link:

Also I have a little previous exprience of html css outside of freecodecamp so these were easy for me.

Awesome thanks. Really great work!!!

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