Feedback request: Survey form

I have just completed the “Survey form” project.

Please let me know your valuable feedback for improving it.

Happy new year.


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It looks really professional and the code is clean. I’m gunna be taking some notes from you, mainly on your use of grid. I don’t know why I don’t use that more often.
Literally the only thing I saw “wrong” was the spelling of “Maybe,” in which, you wrote “May be”
Other than that, it’s great!

Your form looks crisp. I don’t know why but for some reason the Submit button seems off. It’s technically in the center of the page but feels like it’s out of alignment with the rest of the form for some reason.

Could just be me though, lol

Look great to me. Very clean look. I like the basic color scheme and simple layout. Please take a moment to look at my personal portfolio page and let me know what you think.

@pleeseno Thanks for feedback.
Fixed the typo.

@jpstanway Thanks for taking a looking.

Now you said about Submit button, it seems off to me as well. Looking more into it, the reason seems to be the input fields being more on right side of the form. Submit is in center of form but compared to input field, it is slight left. Thanks for pointing out. I will dig more into this.

@jrbuchanan Thanks for feedback.

I have one minor feedback on the portfolio page. The text in “About Me” section, looks a bit condensed. Increasing line-spacing and line-height will help to make it better. You might want to disable to scroll bars as well.