Feedback to improve my work

my form

your feedbacks plz

I think it would look better if you could align your elements, and your submit button doesn’t look like a button, it seems like a bug because of the size and color, and we can’t read the Submit text.

idk why i see it like this

Because of the resolution, the size of my screen versus yours. If you zoom out, I think you’ll see the same thing.

If you look closely, even in your image the input boxes are not aligned. You need to give them a max-width, or make them 100% the width of the parent/root element. Try to do the survey form tutorial again and take notes, simple things that make all the difference. :slight_smile:

can you help me fix it

Sorry, it requires a few steps so I can’t right now, but please take a look at the tutorial again, everything you need is there:

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