Feel don't know Javascript well 🤕

I think I must learn it again and again. I watched many Youtube videos and understood all the basic upto es6 very well. and built about 5 simple project with tutorials. and know I am in Basic Algorithm Scripting of FCC. also I finished codeacademy javascript course and understood all subjects well. I am following Brad traversy and other best youtube channel and bought brad’s course from Udemy. but STEEL I cant make my simple own app that made with prototype, module, and other javascript subjects.

also I have a backgorund of ton of programming language from university like c++, java, c# , andriod,python. :joy:

What should I do know?

also sorry if I had an English grammatical mistake

Hey @sohail1,

  • Sometimes following a tutorial is a good thing, but most of the time it’s not, because you are just following them. It’s fine to try to use tutorials, but try to make it yours. Change the code, try to make your own functions. Try to remake the function into your own. That’s how you’re going to learn the most.
  • Doing more projects from yourself is always the best way to go. When you think of a project, and you are doing it by yourself, you’re going to have all of these ideas. Then you try to apply it yourself, that’s how you’re going to learn. Then suddenly you came to an error, or you don’t know how to do it. You got Google, its 2020, if you code but you don’t have Googling skills, then you’re doing something wrong. But still try to limit how many things you Google, or how many things you used from other people. Don’t just copy paste all of the codes and call it a day. Try to understand what the code is doing, then try to remake it yourself.
  • Try to start YOUR OWN projects. That’s how I learn how to code.

To start with, forget about using prototype. Build your simple app in a FOP (Functional Programming). It will simplify things for you.

Start with a simple todo app and move on to a more complex apps using APIs etc.
You only really learn by doing.

Well, I know what you mean its not the problem with your knowledge. Software Engineering is like any other engineering which needs a Blue Print or Plan of Action so that the people can divide the problem/work accordingly in small units.

This is the most basic sample there’s more to it, but you can use this one to your personal projects as well:

  • Open Notebook or any Digital Paper

  • Sketch your app (optional)

  • Write Down All Functionality

    • Func1()

    • Func2()

    • Func3()

  • Database (if any)

You can use this simple and powerful approach to divide your work into smaller units so rather than focusing on the bigger problem (whole website) at once you can concentrate much better on one problem at a time. This will also improves your problem solving ability and you can ask more precise questions related to your problem.

I hope it helps you.