Need help with learning how to build projects on my own

Hii it’s piyush I need some guidance I started learning javascript by watching tutorials but did not practice enough means I knew all of the fancy JavaScript syntaxes but you’re unable to understand it. and I understand the syntax but cannot apply it to your projects. so what should I do I’m really confused I want to quit but I don’t want to. please help me. In freecodecamp platform where I should start practicing and what ?? the same question I asked to get it will suggest to me freecodecamp is a best platform sounds good but where i should start in freecodecamp like practicing questions or making projects in the search bar have many topic so can you please give a task or guience that should i follow day by day or learn the code not random please please please

any one is here so please reply to me i am available at 1:00 am tonight Please i am really confused

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I started learning how to code with freeCodeCamp back in 2020 and now work as a software developer.

Here is my advice on how to best utilize the platform so you can learn properly.

Start by going through the JavaScript lessons in the JavaScript curriculum.
If you don’t understand something, then you can look at video tutorials on that particular subject.
I would also suggest coming to the forum and asking questions so people can help you.
Remember that the goal is not to develop complete understanding but rather a basic understanding.

Once you have completed the lessons, then start doing the projects.
Again if you need help, reach out to the forum and google what you don’t understand.

Once you finish the curriculum, start by building very small projects on your own
By small, I mean projects that include 10-15 lines of JavaScript and then work your way up from there.

For example, you could build something like this small color flipper app.

Don’t look at the video tutorial.
Instead, try to figure out how to build it on your own.
You will probably find yourself asking questions like,

“How to change the background color using JavaScript”
“How to do button clicks in JavaScript”

You will start learning how to research like the pros do.
You will also start leraning how to ask questions better.

The project doesn’t need to be perfect.
Just do the best you can.
Then when you finish, look at the video solution to see how others did it.

Then move onto another beginner project and repeat the process.

Once you have done a few beginner projects, start coming up with your own ideas on what to build.

By building projects on your own you learning critical thinking , researching and asking questions skills that you need to become a developer.

The biggest mistake I can see that you making is that you jumping from tutorial to tutorial without going through the process of learning how to problem solve and build on your own.
We have all been there.

But the only way to learn how to code is to take the concepts you have learned and start building projects.
Building projects is not easy in the beginning.
You will fail a lot and get stuck a lot but that is actually a good thing.
That means you are finally learning how to apply these concepts and how to debug issues.

Hope that helps!


I’m very new to this but my plan is to do first three courses on:
and then set up a GitHub repository and build some projects to include in my portfolio

I think it’s important to not get stuck in “tutorial hell” and actually do something. If you want to specifically practice JavaScript try doing the second course: “JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures”. Sometimes you will have to use external sources, I usually use:

to read documentation when things get too complex.

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Thank you so much I follow all the guidelines that you provide me :slightly_smiling_face: