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How do i practice the javascript lessons that i am doing on freecodecamp. Are there any websites out there that i can put my javascript learning into practice because some steps that i have passed i can’t remember them :sweat_smile: Even some steps that i have passed i only passed them through the solutions on the forum so it looks like i am not knowing anything because i don’t know how to put it into practice. So can someone please help me out.

When you get to the basic and intermediate algorithm challanges as well as the certification projects youll be able to practice. You may need to go back and redo some lessons when you get there in order to remember the concepts and properly. I would also suggest that you try to make something of your own once your done with the javascript course in order to practice what youve learnt.

Ok thank you ver much, but what do you mean by practicing ’ something of your own once your done with the javascript course’ . How please

Try to think of a problem you could solve using javascript or something you can make easier with javascript and then try to make a small (or large) javascript problem that solves said problem or makes said thing easier.


learning Coding benefits from activity. loads of activity. you do not have to do a whole project. Sometimes you do not need to do the CSS especially when playing with java script.

Maybe just practice the practicality.
Just do a little out of a big piece. for example. make a button and play with the CSS then. Play with the color, outline and the positioning etc and then the event listener make it do something.
Use the alert() function if you do not like console.log.
Sometimes you have to see something perhaps a banner, in an app or a website. look at it and try to recreate it and or add something special make it responsive add a borderline make it blink…play with the color gradient. etc. you always have to practice. repetition will help you become better. you can never do one thing too many times.

or my favourite: Make your own smaller versions of bigger apps. and improve them step by step without looking at the project code. Google and ask your self how to add text? How to add css class ? you will discover things unrelated but beneficial etc and with the answers add to your little project.
Sooner or later you will realise you have learned functions and more and you can piece all of them together to make a bigger project.

My other suggestion is : use a notepad type of text editor e.g gedit; that way you do not use auto completion as a crutch. You are going to need to memorise a lot.
Screen time is a factor in being “good”.
Its all about remembering what to do to resolve a problem and or what solution options you might could have.
So you need to have your brains doing all the exercising with no help.

You will never remember everything but when you know what to do or where to go to remind yourself. You will know where to find the tool that will get the job done.

All in all. It is not going to be easy but it gets better. You will keep learning. Everyday you must learn. Substitute an hour of cartoons or soapy with coding lessons and you will be thankful in the end.
And the truth is; the end is never nigh.

Never give up. Never let up. Take breaks in between but not for too long.
Then go back in.

See you on the other side.


I use P5.js to practice the concepts, it helps me to have visual elements when learning.

P5.js is based on the JavaScript language and has its own online editor.
However it is using a library, so its important you understand the differences between the language and the library.

I find it helpful for learning concepts.
For example,
when learning to push() and shift().
This can be done in P5.js and you can see the changes visually using the library’s circle() function.

Its an aid, that can help you try out the things you learn in freeCodeCamp.
But its also going to take a huge chunk of time, since you end up learning the P5.js library on top of JavaScript.

Whether or not this will be useful to you depends on your learning style and how much time you have to devote to learning.

Here are a few links, should you wish to find out more about it.

p5.js Web Editor (

Guides to learning P5.js
p5.js Tutorials - Happy Coding

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oooh here is something : Focus mainly on the DOM. you will thank yourself.

Make DOM projects. e.g random number maker and color changer of an arrear around the number and maybe make for three numbers with three different could have preset colors and the next can have random number and random colors of the background that changes. find out how to make sounds when the buttons are cliked and as a response etc and combine all together.

Have fun. stay foolish stay hungry.

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Thanks a lot @flowOver . Love :heart: your contribution to my question. I will see through your advice. Thanks again.

Thanks, for the ideas this was exactly what i was asking about.

Thank you @Guided for your contribution in answering my question. I really appreciate your help :slightly_smiling_face: :sparkling_heart:

hey i came from this website :

and i thought of your question. because I got interested in the scrolling bar and just the top lay out of the site . now its these sorts of things that one needs to learn to recreate. by finding out how each and every element works.

the download button the name and logo of the website the h2 element , the menu, the date the search icon -maybe even make it animated and then the scrolling bar only.
and then maybe add time next to the date and maybe beneath all of it add a count down timer till the month of bitcoins halfing.
DONE! you will see how much you will learns or already knows and put to exercises. You will haves frustrations and then funs.

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Thanks so much @flowOver for your help.

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