Hello everybody, so I started learning to code 1 year ago, but I think like I’m making no progress, and the problem is I DON’T PRACTICE, so here’s my question: Can you please, please, show me the way to practice my knowledge(exercices, websites, quizzes, tests, …anything )


Have you done the freeCodeCamp projects?


I started learning to code a little less than a year ago, and I can tell you this: the best way to learn is by building projects. They don’t have to be perfect or complete. Try doing it on your own without following a tutorial online. When you get stuck, google your questions or just ask them here in the forum. Take a look at this for a list of project ideas to build.

Don’t forget to have fun, and good luck :smiley:

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wait a minute, there are some projects here?:joy::joy:
Thanks :heart:

Thanks man, that was so helpful :heart:

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Sometimes starting a new project from scratch may also seem like a daunting task, which can prevent you from ever getting started. When you ever feel like this, I’d suggest looking into “hacking” on already made projects and changing them around. Alter the look, change functionality, refactor code, add new features, etc. It will likely also force you to learn new things and get accustomed to reading other people’s code. Sort of like finding an Open Source project to contribute to will.

I’m obviously not suggesting that you pass off other people’s work as your own. Just that you can use them as a starting point to help you get past any “writer’s block” staring at a blank screen may incur. You should still build things from the ground up. It’s just the extra inspiration and motivation needed to start a new project might not always be there.


Great idea, appreciate it :pray::pray:

I can only echo what others have said: start building stuff. Basically all of my website skills come from the fact that I needed a website for myself and had no money to pay someone to built it. So I did it myself. Then I improved it. Then I improved it some more. Over time, others asked me to build websites for them. So I did. Now my entire career rests on this kind of experience.

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thanks :heart:, but I have a question though: Should I start building websites while learning, or after I finish learning a language?
note: I learned HTML, CSS, javascript, bootstrap, jQuery, and now I’m into node.js.

I would suggest building a website while in the process of learning, which is where you will make inevitable mistakes, or come across any questions or issues that you would need to overcome.

This phase is most critical, as this is where you’ll cement the knowledge that you learned while trying to apply it to your own projects. This would also get you into the habit of googling for similar issues or questions, which is a vital skill to have, as I find myself googling things all the time on muni projects. But of course, if you come across anything that you are unsure of or can’t find a solution to, feel free to post them on FreeCodeCamp!


I see, great idea though, thanks for your help!!

You’re welcome Amine! Like what others said the projects on FCC itself is a great start.

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Nice tie-in there; encouraging contributions to Open Source works.

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