What do you guys think is the best way to reinforce the information that you learn here?

I’m currently through 85 projects and I wanted to get the communities thought on solidifying information. I went through HTML (Which I’ve had experience with. ) CSS (Had experience with) Also I just got done with BootStrap.

Most people say start building sites but I’m curious on what sites, any site. How did you get good at this??
Thanks again Folks!

Build the projects. Start with the tribute page, then go on to portfolio page. You will solidify and learn a lot by doing the projects over just the challenges.

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Build somethin you are interested in. Seriously, my code pen is full of small, half-baked ideas. Some good, some downright awful! :grinning: But just keep doing it. The best quote I ever heard was from Earl Nightingale: “If you study your chosen field for 1 hr a day you will be a national expert in that field in 5 years or less.” Motivates me everyday!!

Just to clarify the wording, when you say you’ve done 85 projects, you actually mean challenges. Isaac’s reference to ‘projects’ is the actual front end projects where you really use your knowledge practically. Once you start doing those projects, it all comes together and you learn a TON more!

Congratulations on your progress so far! Keep up the good work!

I think FCC supply the necessary information for everybody to learn code. So after learning on here, you could read some book, follow a famous person on Codepen and Twitter to improve your technical. Moreover, you can take part in some event and boot camp in your location you live. If you’re serious and have the budget, you could course online. That’s so much to me.
Especially, you’re on your way you like.


Check out the Let’s Pair chat room. Campers from many levels are in that room meeting up with others to share experiences and learn from each other, or to collaborate on building specific side projects.

Yes 85 Challenges lol, 85 project I would be the Kanye of Coding or something…even though I don’t think anyone wants the title of being the Kanye of anything but you know what I mean.

That seems to be really interesting I’m gonna go check it out right now Thanks!!!

Great! Happy Coding!