Best way to practice more?

i am learning js algo and data structure in freecodecamp i have completed 81 module(basic js) as a start which was fun but the main part is remembering and practice
i need help how you guys practice ?

The best way to learn is to build projects.

Once you complete the javascript curriculum with the 5 certification projects at the end you can should continue to practice by building projects on your own.

JavaScript 30 is really popular

frontend mentor is also popular

Also, building your own projects is the best way to learn and grow.
Your own projects don’t have to be perfect.
If you have an idea for a site, build it out.
You will learn a lot through that process.

Hope that helps!


Truly, this is wisdom

In other words, you learn by doing.

Teaching and helping people debug their code is also good practice.

You have to read and understand a lot of different code and related documentation. You have to debug the code and find the issue and then give hints or a solution, verbalizing the knowledge. I’d say it is almost as productive as coding your own projects but you get less involved and move on to the next challenge faster.


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