Which way best for learning JavaScript?

Hello guys!
I was just wondering what the best way to learn JavaScript is. Is it by completing mini-projects, or by watching tutorials on YouTube, or some other way?


I think by creating projects and projects.
Watching tutorial won’t learn you anything if you don’t try building somthing on your own.
If you get stuck, google is your best friend.
Try the official docs of API you used or go to stackoverflow.com


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There is no ‘best’ way. You’ll need to figure out what it best for you. If you have absolutely no experience with JS or any other programming language then I wouldn’t suggest you dive into creating projects right away as you’ll just get frustrated because you don’t know the basics. You can start with the FCC JS curriculum. Or find another one more to your liking. Or buy a beginner’s JS book. Or check one out from your local library.

There is no magic bullet here. You have to put in the hard work up front in order to become proficient.


I’d say the FCC Javascript and then Front End libraries curriculum’s are a good place to start, but it is worth supplementing this with additional learning resources, I also did a number of projects on Youtube while I was working through these. This will put you in a good position to do the challenges , and doing these will really help.

Okay. Thanks for your suggestion!!

Oh. I know HTML, CSS, Python, C++, and Java. Will that help?

Thanks! Could you attach some useful links of YouTube projects that I could follow through?

Traversy Media is a good starting point, there are loads of videos and playlists including over 100 JS videos.

The FreeCodeCamp channel also has a lot of good tutorials and projects.

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You can watch and read the basic anywhere. Also, build a mini project. Like simple landing page, or calculator, or the infamous to do list, etc…

The point is, it is fine if you read and watch, but also try to implement it.

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Cool. Might have helped to point that out originally though :slight_smile:
If you really know all of these then I think you should have no problem picking up JS and probably don’t need a lot of advice from us.

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I’ve looked a lot of places for good material, but I haven’t found anything better than the FCC…

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This guy is very good explanator , crazy and effective :sunglasses:

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