What is the best way to learn coding?

I am new to coding and I want to learn it all anyone have advice on how to start?

Just start. FCC is a pretty good starting point, since you can always jump back here with any questions :slight_smile:

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Freecodecamp is the right place to learn coding - no doubt - you can blindly follow freecodecamp, I am sure you can enjoy learning many new things here.
Also try Mathematics in your free time, it helps you in the future. Once you learn basics in coding using any language like Java, Python, JavaScript or whatever., connect the language and Math. try and explore new logic with simple math. I am sure you will enjoy this journey. All the Best.


Ok thank you for the advice.

By building projects, most of your learning will come from what you build as coding is a practical skill

You can start here in freecodecamp, it will put you in a path to web development which may or may not be what you want

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