What's the best method for learning Javascript?

Any advice would be appreciated.

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There is no “best” method.
It depends who you are, what skills you already have and so on.

One very important skill is to learn to help yourself.
This also means doing your own research.

So what do you think is the best method?
Have you already been searching for the best method?
What did you find?


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I agree with @miku86 that there is no “best” method. There are tons of great resources available to help you learn javascript.

You just have to find the source(s) that works best for your learning style.
For example, I know that I don’t do well with watching long videos. So video based learning formats do not work well for me. I prefer to read and learn by doing which is why I like FCC.

Hope that helps!

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Hi @Mentornation

First of all welcome to the forum.

As already mentioned there is no single best method()!?

So I will tell you the method I am following. I am using FCC as a base for learning web development. I study and complete the projects and challenges here and when I get stuck I do-a google search–not solved I ask in the forum.

for example when learning html+css. I follow the curriculum here and also read from a book on html+css and also watch free videos on YouTube related to html+css.

The same goes for JavaScript,frontend libraries. Etc etc…

So keep something as a base and study from other sources according to needs.Fcc have a nice progression of syllabus. Unfortunately FCC doesn’t have videos. So go to YouTube and follow any free videos you like and understand.

I recommend “Programming with Mosh” for any beginner video and Traversy Media( Brad Traversy) for javascript.

Happy Coding.

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