Feeling demotivated in the Intermediate Algorithm Scripting section

I was able to complete the first challenge without any issue. But now the problem has started. I can understand the problem but unable to solve it. I want to know if anyone of you has tackled this problem then how did you overcome it?


Is this the challenge you are looking at?

I have completed the first, second and fourth challenge. I am unable to do the others

Have you tried writing pseudocode?

Yes… but I am only getting few ticks in the requirements. I thought looking at the solution will not make me learn anything, so I posted here

I want to know wether you have used any other resource to build your concepts

Looking at the solution sometimes helps, especially if I’m hopelessly stuck.
But generally, I have an idea of what I want the code to do, but not the syntax to make it happen. Google is your friend too. :slight_smile:

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Hi @ved08,

If you are working only in the freecodecamp environment this site might help for being able to experiment a bit easier.

If you have a specific question about one of the problems feel free to ask.

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The last step of “Read, Search, Ask” is important too. When you’ve read the challenge carefully, searched for more information, and are still stuck, go ahead and click the Ask for help button. People here will be happy to talk through it with you. I agree with your reluctance to just look at answers, but if you ask for help we’ll give you nudges instead of answers.

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