Fellow campers who use solely Linux, do you have a replacement for everything you had on Windows or Mac?

Like Adobe programs and games. I ditched games a long time ago, now for programs like PS and illustrator I have started using GIMP, Krita and Inkscape. I was wondering how are your experiences with GNU Linux. I have almost everything, I am not a designer so I don’t need fully featured programs like Adobe ones and for developing I have everything I need. :smiley:

I’ve always found weird driver issues to be a bigger irritant with switching to Linux than software.


For me it was opposite, Windows 10 would break my drivers with an update so I always had to revert, with Linux I had almost no problems expect with Wayland because of Nvidia.

Win10 for life user here. On Linux for Adobe alternatives, you have GMP, Inskape, and Krita. These programs are usually used in conjunction with each other.

For games, there is no replacing PC gaming on Windows.

Windows is on par with Mac these days as far as anything that used to be proprietary software on Mac.

Even Linux Bash command line work within the Windows environment.

This question is often asked in the r/linux thread on Reddit.

Yes. I still have a windows partition, but over the last year, the only time I ever used it was to take some online proctored tests that 100% required me to run Windows. I considered running a VM, but didn’t want to chance getting in trouble.

Even gaming is fine. Steam now has a huge catalog that runs on linux, and most things they don’t explicitly support can be run using wine.

Driver issues can be problematic if you’re using cutting edge hardware and/or not using a rolling release distro, but I haven’t had significant issues in the past few years.

I had driver issues upgrading directly from Windows 7 to Windows 10. For the first few months, every time I had a Windows update, a couple of my drivers would be switched to “generic”. This happened to a few other people I know who went from 7 to 10, but not people who went from 8 to 10. It was annoying as hell.

Linux cannot be a REPLACEMENT to either Windows or Mac. If you are a developer/programmer and you want a fast, simple, and open-source OS, Linus is the Best for you.
If you are a kind of daily user and your basic need includes Designing and playing games etc. Windows is a sure thing for you.

Now, MAC serves a middle out perfect solution that is made for both Developing and Designing purpose. I absolutely love my MacBook. I will not be switching to Windows again(probably), however I love Linux as well.

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