Changing windows for linux

Good night friends.
At the same time that I met web development and my love for the birth I met Linux and I was fascinated in the same way, I have a very important question and I hope web developers can help me answer it.

Can I do the same in windows as in Linux?

I mean in terms of web development, I’m just starting in the part of ES6 so I still don’t need to install more than just my visual studio code, but I mean more in the future install frameworks etc.

I will not have any inconvenience with this and more than anything I am a user of Arch Linux with KDE Plasma, I will not have any problem regarding incompatibility.

or do you recommend changing Arch Linux for a distro based on ubuntu?

Thanks to who can help me with this question, I have that great doubt about it and I just need your help to say goodbye windows and hello to the wonderful world of linux.

You can do web development just fine on any operating system. You can continue to use your preferred Linux distro or you can switch to Windows. Use whatever you like best.

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In my experience, Linux has been much easier to use than Windows to develop. On Windows, I usually had problems with configuration or tools that are not available. Plus, I’m a console/terminal/shell user and the Windows console/power shell commands are just way too verbose (although Linux shell can be used with Windows now).

Another thing I’ve experienced is worse performance on Windows. For example,when there a programs watching files (i.e., running ng serve), they usually slowed me down.

That said, I’ve had problems with graphics software on Linux, namely the Adobe Suite (Photoshop/Illustrator). The graphics designers I’ve worked with don’t use the Open Source alternatives, hence there have been some features missing that made the design look different; nothing that cannot be solved using a Virtual Machine, tough.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:.

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Thanks for the reply.

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