Windows for web development

How many of you guys here use windows as their OS for web development? What are your thoughts on it? Can you share tips and tricks to make it even more efficient for web development? Thanks :smiley:

I use Windows. Just about every tool you need has a Windows implementation and thousands of people have created documentation to help install and troubleshoot it. You have to think: Windows is the most common operating system on Earth so most people have a Windows PC. It’s not reasonable to expect a new programmer to go buy a $3000 MacBook Pro to learn how to code.

I’ve learned Ruby on Rails and Laravel on my Windows PC and did all of my coursework for Java, C, C++, and Python on it for university.

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Definitely use git bash as your shell. It mimics a Unix/OSX environment and makes command-line work much easier.

I’ve used Windows at all of my jobs. For some of them, we have also had linux development servers that we remote into, but that’s because I actually develop web UIs for hardware (that runs linux, obviously).

I use windows also, but I dual booted it with linux mint which is amazing.

I have been wanting to buy a macbook for a while though, a new one will be released in June and according to the articles I read, it will be cheaper than before.

I am using a HP Spectre x360 laptop which has a Windows 10 OS. I am a web developer and I love to do the web developemnt on that. It is a great experience for me. But, recently, I am facing issue as I can’t able to do anything on my HP laptop. I tried to contact hp Canada support also but they told me that there is no such kind of issues with the laptop. So, anyone can please help me out with this unwanted problem of Windows?

I think a better questions is what’s bogging you down working on Windows?

I work mostly with JavaScript, and pretty much all I need is visual studio code, a browser and cmder and I’m all set really. If I need a terminal, I fire up cmder. Most of the work pretty fast and snappy.

I was the issue with my windows os for a long time then I contacted Geek Squad Online Support for a solution