Windows Subsystem for Linux for Web Development

I’m looking into incorporating the Windows Subsystem for Linux into my workflow. The documentation isn’t the best at the moment (as far as I can see) are there any Campers who have tried it out or have any advice?

I currently use Git Bash for my Terminal on my Windows 10 laptop so that I can use Linux CLI commands but it’s not a perfect experience and I’ve had trouble with some React and Vue commands that need specific Windows workarounds. These problems vary from small inconveniences to spending hours finding documentation for windows specific errors.

One of my biggest grips is downloading Docker for Windows. Currently, it is only available for Windows 10 Pro. Whilst I have seen some blog posts on workarounds it would be nice if this wasn’t so difficult to set up. Hence my attraction to WSL. Bringing the best of both worlds (maybe).

Any others experience WSL yet?


Get a VPS and install there things like git and docker and other things you need to code. Or just for test is depends on your need. I personally hate windows and not use it for code at all.

Thanks for the reply.

Yes, I’ll probably look into this. But I’m still wondering what the WSL experience is like. There are benefits that come along with Windows (nearly everything runs on it) and I’m sure it could be nice to have a Linux based coding environment with WSL.

Though, I might just swap to Linux eventually (I’ve been looking at Pop_Os). This would be so I can have a complete Linux based environment.

I’ve been doing some Flutter development as well (just a newbie) and the whole virtual Android machine set up with Android Studio was a real pain. I ended up just using my Intel integrated graphics instead of my Nvidia graphics card. Which made me question the value of my graphics card out of just using it for non-coding activities (gaming and video editing, both of which I do very little).

Anyway, if anyone has any thoughts on WSL please comment below. Also, anything on Linux vs Windows for web development would useful. I’d prefer useful real-world examples. I’m not really interested in hating on windows just for the sake of it. It’s not that bad. I just want a fair unbiased (as much possible :wink: ) opinions.


I use WSL as a gateway to access Linux functionalities in Windows, meaning I developed the code in bash using Manjaro, and use the bash script in the WSL to work with Windows. If you are concerned about NVIDIA graphic card, try Manjaro xfce, I have done lots of distro hopping(including considering pop_os) and ended up with Manjaro, and happy with it.

One example is using it for bulk renaming such as that described at

I think WSL is a good gateway for Windows users to access and Linux functionalities and get used to it, but for development purpose, I guess WSL is still not mature enough.