Is windows 10 enough

in 2020 is windows 10 enough for web development (front-end, back-end) ?

I’m new to programming and I’ve been working with windows 10, until now I have had no problems but there are videos, posts that said that Linux, mac is necessary for more advanced/ real work.

Should I install linux ? virtual machine, WSL and ubuntu from windows store or is Windows 10 enough for front-end, back-end development?

Depends on what you’re working on, really. Most tutorials, frameworks and tools will expect you to use linux so you will certainly have an easier time working from a mac or linux.

However, i don’t think you should switch to linux because maybe you will need to in the future. It’s an unecessary overhead, you already have web development to learn and you should focus on that, adding more and more overhead will only burn you out and prevent you from learning the basics properly.

If you do, however, make the switch, i recommend Manjaro as a distribution. If you’re worried about being able to play video games or use any windows-native applications, research about Wine(Linux). The change is a lot less painful than it looks like from the outside (you should however focus on studying the basics of web development until you really need to switch OSes).

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You should be fine with Windows and maybe WSL if/when needed. You can always use a VM or set up a dual boot with both Windows and Linux.

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Linux isn’t a requirement for almost any work. At the same time, Windows could be a requirement for some work. There is almost always a workaround to get things to work on one platform on another, and there might be more incentive to have one OS over another depending on what your doing. For example, doing windows using Visual Studios (not VSCode) focused work on Linux is possible, but could create a lot of headaches.

Linux is useful as a development platform due to the availability of tools and the “out of your way” focus on Linux distros, but its not a requirement to do real work.

Linux is asked for as a “nice to have” for a lot of jobs, so learn it if your interested, but don’t learn it because you think its a requirement.

MacOs can be thought of as its own distro of Linux, but it will still suffer from not being as “free” as more traditional distros. For this sort of discussion it is more or less the same as a Linux installation.

Finally, windows 10 does provide ways to “try out” parts of Linux such as WSL, or you can run a virtual machine, or just duel boot.

I personally learned Linux because I’m cheap (yes seriously) and wanted to take advantage of “new software” on older machines without paying. Its nice knowledge to have, but I still can go out and develop on my windows machine without much change or problems.

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From my point of most of the developers prefer Linux because they can work easily. Linux is the best platform for website development since most web development tools such as Apache, MySQL, PHP, SVN, and SSH were created for Linux.

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Is Windows enough for front-end development or do you need to use WSL to prevent a lot of headaches? I’ve heard people having issues with node modules on Windows… What do you think?

Windows it’s enough, on Linux you don’t have better ressources etc.
But on Linux you can simplier simulate a apache server.