Final Projects on the RWD course

Hi there. Im newbie here, I need help to resolve the 5 final course projects. I don’t know how to link the CSS and JS files to the index.
I have trouble understanding the interface and the use of the text editor.

HI @lucasbusso !

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Which text editor are you using?

If you are using codepen, each section of the pen has a section for html css and javascript.

Im using codepen, but I have troubles for link the styles in the css canva with the html. I see in settings that there are an option to “link” but I can’t figure out the sintax

What kind of css links are you wanting to add?

I would be able to better answer your question if I knew what kind of external css links you are looking to add.

Are you looking to add things like google fonts or fontawesome icons?

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